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Nothing has such an effect on country life as the change between cold and warm, summer and winter, sowing and harvesting. Accordingly, the Country Life section of the exhibition shows village life throughout the year as well as the seasons in the Nature Park.

There is an incredible diversity of historic tools, equipment, craftsman’s objects and utensils for visitors to discover. Whether fertilizer rake, gathering sickle, lister plough or winnower – does anyone still know all the equipment on show here?

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In spring

nature awakes from its winter sleep. The farm work is determined by arable work. Ploughing, sowing, fertilising and cultivation, therefore, play the lead in this sector.

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In summer

the harvesting season starts. The hay is brought in, the corn harvested, the first potatoes dug up and the farm garden requires intensive care. A large number of manual implements such as scythes, rakes and hoes which were formerly used, tell a tale of the hard and strenuous work.

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Right into the autumn

months work on harvesting field, and garden crops continues for all who have to help. The subsequent processing and preservation used to be a labour-intensive and important activity to secure food supplies for the winter. Here there are many traditional implements to admire.

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In winter

work in the fields stops. It is time for repairs and craft works in the house and farmyard. That is why in this sector trades such as cooper, smith, cartwright or well builder play the central roles.

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The women

in the village community come together to carry out traditional textile handicrafts. In a sociable gathering, they hackle and spin flax to produce linen and swap various items of news.

Up in the attic the, “ploughshare” attracts attention already from afar – an almost artistic composition of over 20 ploughs. The field implements climb up the wall as if defying gravity and rising towards the heavens like a flock of birds or insects. The plough is the most essential tool for farmers. It stands for the aspiring human civilisation and is the symbol of land use and creation of settlements.

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