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Town – Country – Bees
Wild bees and honey bees in our neighbourhood

Current Special Exhibition in the BARNIM PANORAMA 24 March 2018 - 25 October 2018

Bees play an essential role in nature and are extremely relevant for us humans too. Most plant species have to be pollinated in order to produce seeds and fruit. Not only farmers' crop harvests would be smaller without bees. Wild plants that form the basic diet for many animal species have to be pollinated by bees as well. The honey bee provides even more – it produces honey from blossom nectar. Honey bees have been kept like farm animals for thousands of years already. However, bees are going through a difficult time. The busy nectar gatherers are being threatened by the use of pesticides, as well as by diseases and parasites which are killing off bee colonies worldwide.

The Special Exhibition in the Barnim Nature Park, therefore, aims not only to arouse curiosity regarding the world of bees with all its diversity but also to promote a bee-friendly environment. With information boards, audio-stations and film-stations as well as a great collection of exhibits, it invites you to dip into the world of bees and learn about bee-friendly projects in urban and rural areas, as well as providing tips and sug gestions, e.g. for bee-friendly gardens.

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