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In the year 2009, the Wandlitz local council decided to set up a visitor information centre Barnim Nature Park with an agricultural museum in Wandlitz. Up to then the Barnim Nature Park, a cross-state large-scale conservation area in Brandenburg and Berlin, did not have a centre of its own. The many years of good cooperation with the Agricultural Museum Wandlitz which is steeped in tradition opened up the opportunity to create an attractive joint visitor and exhibition centre with supra-regional drawing power directly outside the gates of Berlin.

The Agricultural Museum Wandlitz looks back on more than 50 years of history. Founded in 1955 as a local history centre at the private initiative of the Blankenburgs, a local couple, it soon became a state museum. Over time it developed to become a specialist museum for agricultural history and farming machinery. Its collection is the most extensive in the whole state of Brandenburg.

Since 2013 the »BARNIM PANORAMA Natural Park Centre · Agricultural Museum Wandlitz« has presented the themes of nature conservation and agriculture under a single roof for the first time. The collection of the Agricultural Museum forms the basis for the permanent exhibition. It is supplemented by innovative exhibition modules reflecting the diversity of the Nature Park.

The team of the firm Kessler & Co. GmbH was responsible for drawing up the concept and realising the exhibition. Further information is available at www.kessler-co.de

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Short history of the Agricultural Museum Wandlitz

In 1955 the farmer and honorary chronicler of the village, Walter Blankenburg, established a local history centre in his dairy shop. Shortly afterwards official recognition as »Heimatmuseum Wandlitz« followed. For many years Walter Blankenburg headed and steered the history of the museum and steadily enlarged the collection.

In 1966 he handed over his private collection to the municipality of Wandlitz. With professional museum management starting in 1971, the profile was claryfied, and the museum was integrated into the museum landscape of what was then East Germany.

In 1975 a new exhibition hall for presenting socialist agriculture was added to the museum and it was named »Museum of the Agrarian Productive Forces«.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the separate state of East Germany, the museum, now renamed »Agricultural Museum Wandlitz«, continued to exist in its profile as a specialist agricultural museum. Furthermore, the museum had developed to become a cultural centre in the region.

In 1993 the Rural District of Barnim was created and as owner – from 1999 onwards together with the municipality of Wandlitz – it assumed responsibility for maintaining the museum. At this time the exhibition floor space was around 2,000 m², divided between many buildings. In 2013 a new phase started and the museum was transferred to the sole responsibility of the municipality of Wandlitz and named Visitor Centre »BARNIM PANORAMA Nature Park Centre · Agricultural Museum Wandlitz«.

Agrarmuseum damals

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